Testing Model

The Testing Model contains information realted to the testing of the model such as testgroups and tests



Test-Groups (4)

All test-Groups contained in the testing model

Test-Group Sub-Groups Tests

Tests related to the "Blinking LED" functionality

Tests related to functionalities of the item

contains item specific tests not related to a particular functionality

Tests related to the "UART" functionality

Tests (4)

All tests contained in the testing model

Test User-ID Group Priority Status Procedure and Input-Data Expected Results SIL Requirements Technical-Functions Software-Units Signals Global variables Activation-Events Hardware-Components
Test_128 0 new Energize the item with the specified supply voltage Items does not release the magic smoke

The LED has to blink with a frequency of 1/100ms.

Test_132 0 implemented Regular power-on without user-input A blinking LED

Check if the LED is permanent on if there is user-input from the button

Test_133 0 implemented After a regular power-on, the button is pressed The LED shall be permanently on while the button is pressed

Tests the UART functionality at the system level

Test_134 0 approved Regular power-on with a terminal connected to UART. The Button is pressed for 10 seconds. The string '--- UART WakeUp ----' is send whenever the button is pressed, followed by 'Button pressed for %d seconds.' messages, where '%d' represents the integer number of seconds the button already has been pressed.