Safety-Requirement - SafetyRequirement_95

Runnable activation by cyclic events

Runnables can be activated by cyclic events.


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(SafetyRequirement_95) Runnable activation by cyclic events is not referencing a test but all refinements reference a test.



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NameRunnable activation by cyclic events
Type SafetyRequirement

Runnables can be activated by cyclic events.

AuthorThomas Barth
Creation DateWed Jun 08 17:34:15 CEST 2022
Start Date
ResponsibeThomas Barth
Function TypeSystem_Function
Associated Implementation

Technical Functions (2)

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Function LFB Software Hardware Technical Functions sub Technical Functions Requirements sub Requirements

An LED shall blink to indicate that the system is alive and responding.

If the button is pressed, UART messages indicating the press duration are sent.

Signals (1)

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Signal Type Storage Runnables OUT Runnables IN Tasks SystemStates Requirements miminum Age maximum Age Checksum Force Sync Inline ISR API effective inline SIL req SIL ach Initial value (D) Pointer access (D) Datatype (D) Alt-In (D) Alt-Out (D) In-Driver (D) Out-Driver (D) OnData (D) OnError (D) OnTrigger (E)

A representation of the current button state

Data local in
0 105 false false false false false SIL_1 QM false false uRTE_boolean_t

Activation-Events (1)

Activation events this requirement is mapped to

Event Type Cycle Time (C) Offset (C) Task-Init (S) Requirements Ports Runnables Tasks SystemStates SIL req SIL ach

Timebase for button read operations

CyclicEvent 200 0 - SIL_1 QM
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When the button is pressed, the system-state shall change from Blink into UART mode.
The start of UART mode shall be signaled via UART.
As long as the button is pressed, UART strings with the time in seconds the Button was pressed shall be send with the frequency with which the button pressed signal is updated.

Requirement_95 Thomas Barth Wed Jun 08 17:56:19 CEST 2022 0.0 Thomas Barth product functional implemented - - - -

Requirement Layer

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This would be very sad.

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Hazardous Event Parent Probability Controllability Effect SIL Safety-Goals

The user might think µRTE is hard to use.


The customer might not see the full spectrum of features µRTE comes with.


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An small demo model with the most important features shall show the most important features of µRTE.

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An binary HMI


The MCU implementing the logic


An LED to indicate a binary state


A PC receiving UART messages