Test - Test_134

UART functional/system test

Tests the UART functionality at the system level


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(Test_134) UART functional/system test is not rejected or implemented.


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NameUART functional/system test
Type Test

Tests the UART functionality at the system level

Test configuration
Status approved
Priority 0
Procedures and input-data

Regular power-on with a terminal connected to UART. The Button is pressed for 10 seconds.

Expected results

The string '--- UART WakeUp ----' is send whenever the button is pressed, followed by 'Button pressed for %d seconds.' messages, where '%d' represents the integer number of seconds the button already has been pressed.

Requirement Layer

(Safety)Requirements (1)

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When the button is pressed, the system-state shall change from Blink into UART mode.
The start of UART mode shall be signaled via UART.
As long as the button is pressed, UART strings with the time in seconds the Button was pressed shall be send with the frequency with which the button pressed signal is updated.

Requirement_95 Thomas Barth Wed Jun 08 17:56:19 CEST 2022 0.0 Thomas Barth product functional implemented - - - -

Functional Layer

Technical Functions (1)

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If the button is pressed, UART messages indicating the press duration are sent.

Software Layer

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Sends UART messages periodically via the UART signal

Runnable 0 0 0
  • Runnable_run_UART_send_TPortIN_1
  • Runnable_run_UART_send_DPortIN_1
  • Runnable_run_UART_send_DPortIN_2
  • Runnable_run_UART_send_UART_OUT
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Runnable to switch into the UART state if there is an event in the Blink State.
This runnable does not use hardware signals but accesses hardware directly and is therefore associated with
an protection set grandting access to hardware.

Runnable 0 0 0
  • Runnable_run_UART_WakeUP
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