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Blinking LED

All requirements related to the blinking LED


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Testing Warnings for ReqPackage Blinking LED
Testing warnings are related to the tests in the testing layer and their depedencies.

(Requirement_94) LED is not referencing a test but all refinements reference a test.





NameBlinking LED
Type ReqPackage

All requirements related to the blinking LED

Package top level package

(Safety)Requirements (3)

(Safety)Requirements contained in this package.

(Safety)Requirement Parent User-ID Author Creation Date Start Date Deadline Expense Responsibe Category Type Status Function Type SIL derived SIL manual SIL effective Tests Technical Functions Software Hardware Signals Global variables Activation events Use-Cases User-Stories Refining Conflicting refined by conflicted by

In order to indicate that uRTE is up and running, an LED shall blink (toggle its binary state) with an frequency of 1/100ms.

Requirement_32 Thomas Barth Tue Jun 07 13:05:57 CEST 2022 0.0 Thomas Barth product functional implemented - - - -

While the button is pressed, the LED shall be on permanently.

Requirement_93 Wed Jun 08 17:18:27 CEST 2022 0.0 product functional implemented - - - -

The LED on the Nucelo Board shall act as an simple demo.

Requirement_94 Thomas Barth Wed Jun 08 17:23:11 CEST 2022 0.0 Thomas Barth product non_functional implemented - - - -

Functional Layer

Technical Functions (1)

Technical Functions associated with (Safety)Requirements of this package.

Function LFB Software Hardware Technical Functions sub Technical Functions Requirements sub Requirements

An LED shall blink to indicate that the system is alive and responding.

Logical Function Blocks (3)

Logical Function Blocks associated with (Safety)Requirements of this package.

Function Type Technical functions

An binary HMI


The MCU implementing the logic


An LED to indicate a binary state


Software Layer

Software units (1)

Sofware Functions associated with (Safety)Requirements of this package.

Unit Parent Function calls Technical Functions Requirements Type Tasks WCET Stack ROM Globals ProtectionSets SIL req SIL ach sub Technical Functions (R) sub Requirements (R) Has a return value (R) SystemStates (R) Ingoing Trigger Ports (R) Outgoing Trigger Ports (R) Ingoing Data Ports (R) Outgoing Data Ports (R) Signals (D) Runnables (D) DataType (D) Is Synchronous (D) Hardware (D) Ports (G) Callers (F) Return Type (F) Parameters (F)

Controls the LED signal and thus the LED

Runnable 0 0 0
- QM false
  • Runnable_00_blink_Tick
  • Runnable_blink_Button_IN
  • Runnable_00_blink_OUT
- - - - - - - - -

Activation-Events (1)

Activation Events associated with (Safety)Requirements of this package.

Event Type Cycle Time (C) Offset (C) Task-Init (S) Requirements Ports Runnables Tasks SystemStates SIL req SIL ach

The timebase for the LED logic. Has an bit of offset to make sure it comes after the button has been read (button value is polled).

CyclicEvent 100 2 -
  • Runnable_00_blink_Tick in run_LED
- QM

Testing Layer

Tests (2)

Tests associated associated with (Safety)Requirements of this package.

Test User-ID Group Priority Status Procedure and Input-Data Expected Results SIL Requirements Technical-Functions Software-Units Signals Global variables Activation-Events Hardware-Components

The LED has to blink with a frequency of 1/100ms.

Test_132 0 implemented Regular power-on without user-input A blinking LED

Check if the LED is permanent on if there is user-input from the button

Test_133 0 implemented After a regular power-on, the button is pressed The LED shall be permanently on while the button is pressed